Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tissue Paper Flowers

A friend of mine tipped me off to these beautiful tissue paper flowers and asked if I could try them out. Absolutely, I said! This post comes to us from BohoWeddings.com and are very easy, fast, and creative to make. These would be perfect for any engagement party, wedding, birthday, etc. I followed the instructions and wanted to throw in a couple tips I had along the way.

First off, I don't really follow centimeters as well as I do inches, so get 8 sheets of 24" x 20" tissue paper (those are the standard measurements for tissue paper). I figured instead of using colored tissue paper and forcing you guys to remember which were on top and which were on bottom, I numbered the sheets 1 through 8 - 1 is on top and 8 is on the bottom.

Next, fold about 2" on the shorter side so the bottom sheet (#8) is now showing

Then, start folding accordion-style. Once you've folded everything, grab a piece of string (mine was about 12" long) and tie a knit in the middle. At this point, the bottom sheet (#8) should be on top

Now you can cut your petals! There are multiple ways to do it, I've provided examples below.

But I decided to keep with the original post and cut the same way she did - definitely have a good pair of scissors on hand, though, as you'll be cutting through a lot of sheets at once!

Once you've cut both ends, spread out the petals and start lifting the tissue paper one sheet at a time. I lifted up 4 sheets on one side, flipped it over, and lifted up the other 4 sheets.

And voila! You're done! Now this thing is pretty big... to get a sense as to how large a flower it is, I've put my husband's bike helmet next to it. It's twice the size of a helmet.

But if you flip it upside-down, you'll be able to see the excess string (on the #1 side) and can tie it up, if you so choose!

$2.95 for white tissue paper from Vons
String and scissors were already on hand

You could probably do it in less time since I was trying to take photos, find my scissors, etc.

EASY-PEASY SCALE (1 super easy - 5 very difficult): 1 out of 5
This is a very easy project and one that could turn out beautiful results, depending on the colors you choose, the sizes, and the petal cuts.


  1. Okay, those suckers are HUGE. I can see glitter sprinkles and centerpiece action happening. Really, really pretty.

    Okay, so in MY flower toolbox, I've been staring at these dahlias for awhile... and afraid to try them because while they LOOK easy... maybe not. I've even seen them done as poinsettias, but I just want to get ONE version of it down and working. If you run out of projects, maybe these might work for you.

  2. Tanita, those are beautiful! I'll definitely have these as a blog post, thank you for the recommendation!