Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Are you as tired of folding fitted sheets as I am? Well, after watching about 6 different videos on how to fold a fitted sheet and failing 5 times, I finally figured it out! My arms are killing me but trust me, once you figure it out, you're going to feel very good about yourself!

The best video I can suggest is this one from Martha Stewart's show, mainly because she's expressing her pure frustration, which is what you'll be feeling at first, I assure you. But trust me, give it at least 5 tries and I promise you, you'll get it. Here's what I can offer for help... photos. I'm not going to do a video because I was getting everything backwards with the videos and it was very confusing.

Step 1 - Flip a fitted sheet inside out, so the seams are on the outside. Put your right and left hands in the corners on a long side. This is what your left hand should look like:
Step 1 - Stick hands in corners inside out

Step 2 - Bring your hands together and bring the inside out sections together, flipping over the right side onto the left
Step 2 - Put right side on top of left side

Step 3 - The correct side of the sheet should now be showing on your left hand. Shake out the sheets but keep your left hand under the sheets.
Step 3 - This is what your left hand should loo like

Step 4 - Put your left hand on your chest and go along the elastic side closest to you with your right hand. Take the corner along that edge and flip onto the left hand, this time with the inside out side sticking out. If your left arm is getting tired now, you're doing it right!
Step 4 - Go along elastic side, flip corner onto left hand
so inside seems are now showing

Step 5 - Grab the final corner and stick on top of the left hand with the correct side showing. When you hold it up, there should be two pieces inside each other and two hanging down like this -
Step 5 - Put final corner on top with correct side showing.
Note the two sheets inside each other and two hanging down

Step 6 - When you lay it down on a bed, the elastic sides will make an "L"
Step 6 - Lay it down on a bed with elastic sides away from you

Step 7 - Fold over the left elastic side into thirds

Step 8 - Fold down the top into thirds

 And you've done it! How'd you do?

Unless you get so frustrated you rip the sheets into shreds and need to buy new sheets...

TOTAL AMOUNT OF TIME: Less than 5 minutes
It depends on how quickly you get it but the more you do it, the easier it'll be.

EASY-PEASY SCALE (1 super easy - 5 very difficult): 3 out of 5
You'll be really frustrated at first but I assure you it'll get easier! Good luck!

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