Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gallon Water Challenge

I'm not what you would call a health fanatic. I don't watch what I eat, I like Mountain Dew, and I haven't purposefully exercised in about 3 months. Trust me, I consider myself ridiculously lucky that I have the metabolism that I do. However, I keep hearing on the news about how you're supposed to drink _x_ amount of water per day but lets be honest... water is boring. It's the Ben Stein of beverages. The only person I know that drinks the recommended amount is an opera singer and I'm far from that. When I was on Facebook, a friend posted this article from the Daily Mail and it got me thinking. If a 40-something mother in the UK can drink 3 liters of water a day and have such a drastic change in her appearance, what's my excuse? So, I went to the store, bought a gallon jug of water, and got to drinking for exactly 1 month, just like the Brit. I even got my own mother to join in from across the country, so age is no excuse not to try!

Now the UK mum took photos every week, so I did the same. Before I get to the photos, can I point out some things that most will fail to mention? You might want to keep these in mind before you start:

#1. Stock up on toilet paper. You think I'm kidding? You're going to be going to the bathroom at least once every 60-90 minutes (if you're drinking in 16oz. glasses) for about 10-12 hours a day. And no, it doesn't let up by Day 31. I tried to keep track of how many times I went to the bathroom in one day but lost count (and interest in counting) after 9. If you work in an office, you better hope you don't have to share a bathroom key with anyone else. And yes, your digestive system will become much more regular, in case you were wondering.

#2. Say goodbye to hangovers! I went to a friend's birthday party and indulged in very strong punch, only to feel perfectly fine the next morning. However, if you skip a few days of the water challenge and then have one too many, you'll feel it. Trust me...

#3. GO DONATE BLOOD! I can't stress this enough. I've always had trouble giving blood in the past and even stopped doing it for a good 10 years because of my bad experiences. However, I decided to try again and because I had been so hydrated, my veins were nice and plump, which made it easier for them to draw from!

#4. Unless you have access to water all day, it's going to be very difficult to drink this much in a day. You really have to discipline yourself. I tried to drink 16oz. every hour and kept the gallon jug and a glass at my work desk all day. I found it was easier for me to complete the gallon in a day when the water was readily available. On the weekends? Not so much.

#5. Your body will get used to consuming that much water and you'll start to crave it. I'm not kidding, you'll actually be able to tell when you're thirsty and want more water versus grabbing a snack. It's weird.

So, after a month of drinking a gallon of water a day, were there any physical changes in my appearance?

I'm going to go with... sort of? It's very subtle and you really have to look for the changes. Mine certainly weren't as dramatic as the original post but some change is better than none, I suppose. I didn't Photoshop (please, like I would know how to Photoshop myself!) however my skin is less red, more plump, and not as flaky. The bags under my eyes aren't as visible, which is nice, however the wrinkles didn't go away. And my face would still break out once in a while.

Would I recommend others try this? Of course!... though I'll be honest, I probably won't do it everyday. While the original blogger said she looks 10 years younger, I look maybe 6 months younger. Oh well. If you can do this challenge, more power to you! If you can't, that's ok, one glass of water a day is better than none!

You don't have to drink fancy bottled water - I refilled my gallon jug with LA tap water everyday (though perhaps it wasn't very smart of me to try this water challenge during a drought!)

Of course, you can do it for as short or as long as you want

EASY-PEASY SCALE (1 super easy - 5 very difficult): 3 out of 5
I say this because 1.) you really have to be disciplined and 2.) water is so boring so it's easy for you to skip days, not drink as much, etc. If you have to, add some lemon juice or a Crystal Light packet to make the flavor more interesting!


  1. Well, one always has to take The Daily Mail with a grain of salt and a cuppa tea, doesn't one? And, before/after shots are hard to photograph with exactness - but I am a believer. I'm a big believer in the fact that water can at least make your brain work better - a fresher appearance is certainly a nice side benefit.

    May I congratulate you, too, on having the fastest growing hair, EVER. Did you not just get a mohawk!? The blue hair looks fab.

  2. I would say the change here if VERY dramatic, you almost look like 2 different people. I would say you look close to 10 years younger and much, much hotter on the 2nd photo. You're selling yourself short here, it worked and worked big time.

  3. I agree. There's definitely a significant improvement there! I was a bit unsure about it after reading the story about the 42 year-old as it's, like the first pointed out, it's from The Daily Mail, but after seeing your results I'm much more motivated my mission now. Though, I'm hoping it will be 365 days as I would like to make it a lifestyle. Thankfully, I'm only doing 2 Litres of water a day and not a gallon. Haha. That I could not do.

  4. You are not giving your progress enough credit. Way bigger difference then you think. You look great!

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  6. Haha your hair become silver by drinking water.

  7. Wow, to be honest you took away at least 5 years off your face not 6 my opinion. Water is powerful, You look fab, fab, fab...

  8. You look at least 7 years younger! Wow!! I am trying this starting tomorrow!!

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  10. I have to agree you do look younger.. I think the biggest difference is your eyes!! So bright and healthy! Let me end with I HATE WATER!

  11. Just to agree with everyone else, your skin looks amazing! Great improvement in just 30 days.

  12. You look great at least 5 to 7 yrs younger.