Sunday, November 10, 2013

Beginning Knitters - Headband/Cowl

Do you have knitting needles? Do you have yarn? Then you can totally make this headband/cowl, perfect for winter! You might think you can't, or you might be hesitant to try, but this is the perfect starter project, I assure you. I found this post on CraftsNob, part of a 3-part knitting series. Check out her Part 1 and Part 2 series, if you like, or endure my silly tutorial videos below.

Step 1 - Cast on 20 stitches

If you don't know how to cast on, here's a quick tutorial:

Step 2 - Knit 43 rows or 14 inches. Not sure how to knit? Sure you do!

This is just knitting one row, turning the needles around, and knitting the row again. Back and forth, you'll do this for about 3 hours so be sure to pop in your favorite movie or podcasts! You'll do this until you've reached 14" long or can see 43 rows.

Step 3 - Cast off and either have a really big pot holder or look to Step 4!

Note that at this point, you can tie the ends into knots and cut off the strings or sew them into the edge.

Step 4 - Bring the two small ends together, take a piece of yarn, and weave the yarn through, either with an embroidery needle or with your fingers. I didn't have a needle so I just made a hole and pushed the yarn through the hole all the way down. See the original post for a clearer example, as she uses contrary colors and mine is all white :-/

Step 5 - Cinch the yarn and tie a knot

Step 6 - Wrap the yarn around the knot or cut off the strings

Step 7 - Wear!

TOTAL COSTS: $5.99 for 1 skein from Lion Brand

TOTAL AMOUNT OF TIME: 3 hours, 13 minutes
3 minutes to cast on 20 stitches
3 hours to knit 14"/43 rows
3 minutes to cast off 20 stitches
5 minutes to sew two sides together
2 minutes to loop yarn around and tie off

EASY-PEASY SCALE (1 super easy - 5 very difficult): 2 if you've knit before, 4 if you haven't
But trust me, this would make a lovely Christmas gift for those of you that actually experience winter as it should be (75 and sunny is not winter California!).

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