Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Comic Book Shoes

Now this is something every female comic lover can get behind - comic book shoes! I found this fun post on Flashsolver.com and as soon as I saw they were going for $70 on Etsy, I knew I could easily make them for less.

I stopped by my local Goodwill and picked up a pair of Steve Madden's to transform. The next question was - what should the comics be? Well, I decided to go with female supervillians on one shoe and female superheroes on the other.

(Not that it matters but the four supervillians I went with were: Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Mystique. The four superheroes I chose were: Wonder Woman, Storm, Black Widow, and Silk Spectre)

So with my Mod Podge in one hand and a shoe in the other, I got to work. Here are steps that I didn't take that I should have:

Step 1 - Cover your work area. This is going to get very messy so be sure to put down at least a paper towel or newspaper on your work space.

Step 2 - Choose what you'd like to put on the shoes and try to plan where you want them before you glue them on. This will save you time and frustration down the road.

Step 3 - Make sure your shoes don't have a rounded toe. Go for a pointy or flat toe. Rounded toes make it very difficult for the paper to lie flat.

Step 4 - When you're ready to apply, put Mod Podge under AND over the cutout. This will help ensure it has been applied securely.

And that's it! If you're worried about all the white glue on the shoes (see right), don't worry, it'll dry clear.

$10 for shoes from Goodwill
Mod Podge and Brush already on hand

TOTAL AMOUNT OF TIME: 1 hour, 40 minutes for gluing only 
It took me 1 hour for 1 shoe and 40 minutes for the other shoe, as I had gotten the hang of it by then. Note that additional times will vary depending on how many images you use, how difficult it is to find them, how long it takes to cut them out, etc.

EASY-PEASY SCALE (1 super easy - 5 very difficult): 3 out of 5
Strategically placing the images so the color of the shoe wasn't visible was not easy. The original post cut out very small images AND used colored shoes, which you might want to do for your first try!


  1. Nice Kat, I'll be making a pair for my wife and sister IL with the kids for Christmas! I Love it!

    1. Awesome! Make sure to pick shoes that will work well with the Mod Podge, like vinyl. Would love to see photos!

    2. Well they are done. I think we did pretty good! Pics to follow.

  2. Kat these are gorgeous - think I'll try something with a less death-defying heel first, though! I love that they're Goodwill shoes - now if you scuff them, who gives a rip?? FUN.

    1. Thank you! Gotta love Goodwill or Salvation Army for DIY projects :) Would love to see your creations!

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