Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Grilled Cheese Rolls

Let's be honest - there are only so many ways you can make grilled cheese. Places like The Melt and Heywood have made a name for themselves in gourmet grilled cheese and everyone in LA knows about the Grilled Cheese Food Truck, however when you're at home and it's time to face the grill, your options are limited. Sure you could add interesting ingredients like tomatoes or avocados, but it's still a sandwich, right? One night my husband told me about grilled cheese rolls and after doing a little Googling, I found RecipeSweet had a great take on an old classic and I figured, why the feta not?

To get started, it's quite simple. Bread. Cheese. A knife. A rolling pin.

Start by flattening all of your bread. I used a nut & grain bread which wasn't that easy to flatten, so white or wheat bread might be your best bet.

Next, cut off all the edges and lay a piece of cheese on top. I used American, since that's what the original post used, but feel free to change it up!

Very carefully roll up your bread with the cheese inside. I found it helped to press down once it was rolled up so it could keep its shape.

Place in a pan with olive oil, butter, whatever you choose, just so long as it allows the bread to be toasted. This was the hardest step for me - keeping the rolls in tact AND trying to grill them evenly. Since they're rounded, it's much more difficult to keep them evenly cooked.

Serve up a side of tomato soup and dunk those bad boys into the soup for a no-mess snack!

Now would I recommend this method over the traditional way of serving grilled cheese? No. The cheese didn't melt completely and if I turned up the heat, they ended up being slightly burnt. I'll stick with my traditional method, however this is definitely a fun way to serve up an old classic.

$1.99 for a loaf of bread
$2.99 for Kraft cheese singles

TOTAL AMOUNT OF TIME: 15-20 minutes
However, I made 8 slices

EASY-PEASY SCALE (1 super easy - 5 very difficult): 3 out of 5
In order to get the cheese to completely melt and the bread not to be burned, you have to use the right amount of olive oil or butter, keep a keen eye on it, and try not burn yourself throughout the process. I managed 2 out of 3 of those...

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  1. I wonder if using a george forman would help with the heat and the melty cheese. it'd make them flat though... Looks like fun though!