Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Deck o' Cards

Many of you are snowed in, not able to escape your homes because of 90 feet of snow, 7 sheets of ice on the roads, and are onto your 5th blizzard of the day. Well, you don't need to venture out into the oblivion to make a Valentine's Day gift for your loved one. I saw this post on and thought it would make a lovely gift, not just for a partner but for a grandparent, a mentor, a friend... anyone!

Here's what you'll need:

1. A deck of cards (I used a Tim Burton deck, since we had two and they're red and white, perfect for Valentine's Day!)
2. Scissors
3. Packaging tape or clear labels
4. A hole punch
5. Book rings (or you could use yarn, ribbon, string, etc.)
6. Paper squares with reason of why you love the recipient
7. Scrabble tiles (optional)

First, you'll want to make your paper squares. I make 53 2"x1.5" squares in a Word doc with 52 reasons, ranging from funny to serious to sentimental. The 53rd square will be for the cover. The reason why I typed out the reasons instead of writing them was because I wanted to use multiple fonts, however writing out each could be more personal. Be creative with whatever you write - I find the more inside jokes, the better!

Once all 53 squares are cut out, take your hole punch and punch two holes into each card from your deck of cards. Try and punch in the same place in each card.

Next, using your clear labels or packaging tape, tape to each card. I found it easiest to lay a bunch of squares on a long strip of tape...

...cut in between each square...

...lay the square on the card and then cut off the excess.

Once all the cards have been covered, link them together, either with book rings or string/yarn/ribbon/etc.

Add on your Scrabble tiles for a decorative touch.

And you're done! Your Valentine's deck of cards is complete!

TOTAL COSTS: About $6.50
$2.99 for packaging tape from Vons
$3.49 for book rings from Staples
Cards on hand (though I'm sure you could pick them up for $3 at a general store)
Scissors, paper, Scrabble tiles, and hole punch on hand

TOTAL AMOUNT OF TIME: Almost 2 hours
30 minutes to make squares and type up reasons
15 minutes to cut out squares
8 minutes to punch holes in cards
1 hour to tape squares to cards and trim

EASY-PEASY SCALE (1 super easy - 5 very difficult): 2 out of 5
This isn't difficult at all, just a little time consuming to punch all the cards and tape all the reasons. The hardest part may be thinking of 52 original reasons but hopefully it's not that hard or you wouldn't be making it!

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