Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Crayon Lipstick

Thanks to my sister for suggesting today's post! When I first saw this post by OhSoPrettyTheDiaries, I was both skeptical but intrigued. Can you really make lipstick out of crayons? It seemed too easy not to give it a try!

Here's what you need need:

A container to put said lipstick in
Coconut Oil
A pot of hot water

Easy enough, right? Now I couldn't find any empty lip balm containers so I used an Altoids Smalls tin.

Cut or break your crayon(s) into 4 pieces. I really only ended up using the equivalent of 1 crayon because I found out the hard way that too many pieces resulted in my container sinking in the next step.

Take your coconut oil and add 1 teaspoon for every crayon piece you put in the container (so 2 crayon pieces = 2 teaspoons). Put the container of oil into a pot already filled with water and turn it on low heat.

Once the oil has melted, then add your crayon piece(s). It took about 7 minutes for my 2 pieces of crayon to melt so times may vary, depending on the side of the container, the material it's made up, how many pieces you use, how much oil you add, etc.

It didn't say how much time it would take to cool and harden so after 30 minutes of waiting for it to cool at room temperature, I put in the fridge for another 30 minutes and that seemed to have done the trick. However, the color completely changed and it was difficult to get out with a Q-Tip when it was so cold, so I put the tin back in the pot for a minute to let it warm up and check out the change in color:

The results? Well, it's more of a lip gloss than a lipstick but as the original post says, too much crayon = dry lipstick while too little crayon = lip gloss. Guess that's what I made!

However, I already had crayons, a container, a pot and water on hand

TOTAL AMOUNT OF TIME: A little over 1 hour
7-10 minutes to cut up crayon, melt oil, and melt crayons in pot
1 hour to cool

EASY-PEASY SCALE (1 super easy - 5 very difficult): 3 out of 5
I'm sure with more practice and better containers, you get into the rhythm of what gloss texture looks like versus lipstick texture but I can tell you, it's super easy to make it glossy! Just... don't lick your lips... blech...


  1. Do you think adding baking flavors to it might help?

    1. You mean as far as the taste? Perhaps - give it a try! Peppermint extract would be delicious if it could overpower the wax taste of the crayons.

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