Thursday, October 31, 2013

Black and White Makeup for Halloween!

I saw this post by Bows and Curtseys and thought it was a really clever idea so I decided to make it my Halloween costume!

Here's what I used:

*White clown makeup (not in photo)
*Grey makeup (liquid)
*Black eyeshadow
*White eyeshadow
*Black lipstick
*Black wig
*Sponge (don't use the one in the photo - use one of those triangle makeup sponges instead)
*You can use black spray for your hair if you don't want to use/need a wig
*Powder (optional)

Step 1. Combine white clown makeup with grey liquid makeup. I tried to use just the grey and it was WAY to dark. You want to go for a more grey-white than grey-black. Apply makeup with sponge to face, ears, below the chin, etc. Don't forget your lips - this will help when it comes to the last step. Once it's all over, add your powder if you like.

Step 2. Get your white eyeshadow and apply to the lids of your eyes

Step 3. Get your black eyeshadow and apple to crease in eyelids, along cheekbones, and along jaw line

Step 4. Apple lipstick. When you apply the black lipstick to your already coated lips, it should change the color to a nice dark grey.

Here's my before and after:


TOTAL COSTS: Around $40
$4.20 for black lipstick
$11.99 for the tights
$14.99 for the wig
$1.98 for the sponge
$4.52 for Mehron Fantasy FX Makeup 1oz Grey
White clown make-up already had (probably around $4)
Black eyeshadow and white eyeshadow already had (probably around $3 each)

Keep in mind I covered my neck, chest, shoulders and arms

EASY-PEASY SCALE (1 super easy - 5 very difficult): 4 out of 5.
The most difficult part is keeping it streak-free and not making it too dark or too light. It depends on what kind of applicator you use to put the make-up on but a small sponge like this really worked best.

Happy Halloween kids!

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