Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Microwave Meals in a Mug -- Part 2

I had previously gone over how to make three different meals in mugs but because the internet is vast and people are curious, I thought I would do a continuation of my original post. So here, ladies and gentlemen, I give you four meals in mugs! I'm grading them this time, so you can see the diversity. Also, note how much time it says it should take in the title versus how much time it actually takes. Grab your coffee mugs and run to your microwave because these are going to be interesting!

MEAL #1 - "2-Minute Coffee Cake"
Thanks to my Aunt Judy for pointing this one out, I thought this was going to be a tasty treat. I followed HeatherLikesFood's post and here's what I can tell you:

+ =


PROS: Very easy to make. Strudel on top was delicious.

CONS: Coffee cake itself was too doughy - expected it to be same consistency as baked coffee cake and instead found it too heavy and slightly doughy. Extremely hot out of the microwave but would not be any good cold. Ended up throwing most of it out.

TIME: 10 minutes total


MEAL #2 - "Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Mug"
I followed Number2Pencil's post and here's what I can tell you:

Before the microwave
After the microwave

PROS: Takes like a cookie that has just been taken out of the oven, even though it looks... odd. I used light brown sugar and after 50 seconds, it came out just right. Really, is it hard to mess up chocolate? I don't think so.

CONS: Very hot so be careful! "Drops" of vanilla aren't easy to include - I had to pour vanilla into a measuring spoon, pour back into the container, and then used whatever was remaining in the spoon. A bit cumbersome, if you ask me, but worth it!

TIME: 10 minutes


MEAL #3 - "5-Minute Microwave Berry Cobbler"
I followed DomesticFits' post and here's what I can tell you:

   + =

PROS: Strawberries were delicious!

CONS: Too hard to get to the strawberries underneath in coffee meg. The "cobbler" had the consistency of homemade flour play-doh. Perhaps if this were made in a large mason jar, like the original post used, there'd be more room but the flavor of the cobbler was lacking anyway. Had to toss it.

TIME: 15 minutes


MEAL #4 - "2-Minute French Toast in a Mug"
I followed PrudentBaby's post and here's what I can tell you:

Before the microwave

After the microwave

PROS: 1 piece of nut grain bread, no vanilla, and in the microwave for 1min, 20 seconds and they came out great! The nuts in the bread gave it a slight crunch (since a stove-top wasn't going to harden the crusts) and the cinnamon mixed with the maple syrup makes a great combination.

CONS: Cooked egg whites were at the bottom of the mug and the bread was a little mushier than it would be if made on a stove top, but still quite delicious.

TIME: 8 minutes


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